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        • The spirit of ERA

          Conscientious, pragmatic, innovation, and lead.

        • Quality view

          Quality is the life of an enterprise.

        • Mentality

          Winners don't complain, complainers don't succeed.

        • Career outlook

          Excellent companies create market, great companies create career.

        • Mission of the ERA

          Committed to biotechnology, serving human health, build a world brand.

        • Style of the ERA

          Strict, precise, precise, sincere and exquisite.?

        • Training of the ERA

          ERA Biotechnology(Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd.,World brand, enter the era, achieve excellence.

        • Philosophy of the ERA

          Culture brings benefits, management brings benefits, honesty brings benefits, quality brings benefits and brand brings benefits.

        • Concept of the ERA (core values)

          Host culture, service-oriented;?

          Honesty first, hard work.

        • Industrial strategy

          Make the most high-end oral liquid

          Make the best cosmetics

          To be the production base of world brand.

        • outlook on life

          The meaning of life

          To be a happy and dignified person

          Be a positive person who loves work

          Be a person who contributes to the society and the times

          Be a proud and proud person for your family and children

        • Slogan of the ERA

          1.ERA Biotechnology(Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd.,World brand

          2. Human health is the responsibility of the ERA.

          3. Cooperation creates wealth and win-win creates the future.

          4. Build a world brand and achieve the goal of listing.

          5. Health is the root of all human beings.

          6.The spirit of the ERA describes the beauty, and the cause of health creates brilliance.

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